1-day Workshop – $495*

You’ll know if The Nervous Flyer program is the one for you if “BUT” gets in the way of your traveling. The nervous flyer is the person who says:

‘I’ll fly,’

“BUT only if I can sit beside this person in that particular seat”

“BUT only if we take a specific kind of plane”

“BUT only if I have Ativan and a few drinks first.”


The airline industry is exceptionally safe because it is highly regulated; and because of that, the vast majority of people have never been in a dangerous situation on a flight. Yet many continue to feel afraid when they fly. The temptation is to dwell on worries, like “What if my plane is the one that crashes?” and “What if I panic?!” The irony is that driving your own car is far more likely to result in an accident, death or injury than a plane crash, yet people drive every day and think nothing of it. Many people willingly and actively increase the odds of trouble by multi-tasking while they’re driving and give far less than their full attention to the task. When we focus so intensely on our worries and sensations of bodily arousal we make the anxiety feel worse and prevent ourselves from learning that we can actually cope with the situation we’re in!

The Nervous Flyer program is a one-day, group workshop where the focus is all about coping! We teach you proven strategies to help you improve your ability to cope with fear and anxiety. In The Nervous Flyer program you will:

  • Learn how to calm your body and mind so you can think more rationally about what you want to be doing instead of feeling afraid,
  • Stop worries from spinning out of control and feel more confident in the skills and strengths that brought you this far in life,
  • Get the assistance and care you need from the people around you when you do feel afraid,
  • Learn to stop avoiding and tune-in to your bravery!

You will also have the opportunity to have all of your questions about air travel, air safety, weather and aircraft answered by a commercial pilot.

* Because a registered psychologist leads the group, you can submit the course fees against your extended health benefits insurance as a “Psychological Service.”

Please call to register for this group.