Dr. Ian Shulman on CBC Radio

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Dr. Ian Shulman recently gave an interview to Jason Osler of CBC Radio about new services and flying phobia courses some Canadian airports are offering to people who are afraid to fly.CBC Radio Logo Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport has 30 therapy dogs that passengers can pet and snuggle with before boarding, while the Calgary airport has a cat in residence.

Vancouver’s Airport offers FlyCalm.ca, a multi-part program that teaches nervous passengers how to breathe calmly, gives them quiet places to relax in before they fly, and free colouring books to help focus the mind on something more pleasant than worrying.

Dr. Ian talked about how one of the most upsetting things for anxious flyers is believing they have no control over the situation. We all like to feel like we’re in control — even when we know we’re really not — and feeling truly cared for by the crew and the airline can make a big difference in passenger comfort.

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