Find Your Seat in our October 2018 Group

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It’s time to register for our October group if you’re ready to get over your fear of flying.


Learning to fly without all the fear that’s held you back before is easier than you might think. It takes some work, but you can do it. Anyone can. Our 2-day Non-Flyer workshop has helped many people reduce the intensity of their fear and improve their self-confidence, especially in their ability to cope with anxiety and panic.


What to Expect

You’ll spend 2 days in the classroom with Dr. Ian Shulman, understanding what your body and mind do when you feel afraid, and building your skills with coping tools that really work to minimize anxiety.


Dr. Ian has been helping anxious people feel better about themselves and get more of what they want out of life for almost 20 years.


You’ll also meet a pilot and get answers to all the questions you’ve ever had about flying, safety and the airline industry.


Then, we fly!

This is what people like best about this group. No other program gives you the opportunity fly with a clinical psychologist AND with a supportive group of people who know exactly what you go through because they’re just like you.


Spaces are limited.