Get Over Your Flying Anxiety – Dates for Spring 2020!

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Our next fear of flying treatment programs in the Toronto area will take place on:

Group 1: Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19, and

Group 2: Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3, 2020


Fear of Flying Treatment

Our 2-day fear of flying treatment program can help you get over your flight anxiety quickly. Located only 25 minutes west of downtown Toronto, this course will teach you how to reduce your flying phobia and anxiety symptoms, and prevent claustrophobia when in an airplane. This weekend anxiety treatment program is led by a registered, clinical psychologist, so a portion of it will be covered by your extended health benefits insurance. If you want to learn how not to be scared of planes, or are looking for a claustrophobia treatment, contact us. We’ll chat with you for a few minutes and discuss together whether this is the right treatment option for you.


What to Expect in our Flying Phobia Treatment Course

When you take our weekend flying phobia treatment course you can expect to learn how to get rid of anxiety symptoms naturally, using psychological treatment tools proven to be effective at reducing anxiety. You will learn to change your thinking about fear and gradually rewire your brain so you can feel less anxious about flying.


Dr. Ian Shulman, a clinical psychologist with a keen interest in helping people get over anxiety symptoms, will teach you skills you can learn to prevent claustrophobia and get over panic attacks. He will also introduce you to an Air Canada pilot who will answer all your questions about air travel and air safety. Once you have learned the tools to cope with panic and anxiety symptoms, Dr. Shulman will go with you on an actual flight where you can practice what you learned and discover that you can cure your flying phobia.

Our Program Works Treatment Results - Fear


Past participants say their fear goes down and their self-confidence goes up after taking our group programs. Click on the image to see for yourself, then get in touch and let us help you with your fear of flying.