Lose Your Fear of Flying – Spring 2019!

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Are you ready to get rid of the fear that’s kept you fromman in airport excited abbot flying flying or from enjoying it when you do?

Many people struggle with flying because they don’t know how to manage anxious thoughts and feelings when they think about getting onto an airplane. People who are afraid of flying have many worries in common. They fear they might have a panic attack on the plane and be stuck there for hours, unable to get away. They worry about feeling like they’ll lose control and be unable to help themselves. Fearful flyers also often give themselves no credit, believing themselves to be powerless and weak — even when they are accomplished people in their regular lives!

Cope with your fear of flying, stop avoiding

Our Non Flyer program is a great alternative to avoiding. In this group, we’ll teach you what’s really happening in your body and mind when you feel afraid, and we’ll show you that you don’t need to be fear flying if you don’t want to. We’ll answer your questions about air travel and teach you to use proven, psychological treatment methods to reduce fear, calm your body and beat anxiety and claustrophobia.


Next group happens May 4 & 5, 2019!

We want you to feel comfortable, so we keep our groups small (that means space is limited).

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