New Dates for the 2018 Non Flyer Groups!

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Photo by Suhyeon Choi.

It’s a new year. Set a new goal to learn how to get over your fear of flying and begin to travel again — without all the anxiety!

Our Non Flyer group is so successful, we’ve decided to make that our primary group treatment. Again and again, people tell us how helpful it was to meet with others who understand what it’s like to feel afraid and learn to cope in truly effective ways TOGETHER. Past participants talk about how supported they felt in the group and how they used that to give them the confidence to believe that they can also fly. Our groups run two days over a single weekend and they end with a practice flight where we show you that you can trust in the skills and tools we offer. People consistently report that those flights are their favourite part of the weekend and the most important piece that gets them ready to take their next flights, with family and friends.

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We know you can do it. Let us show you how.