Seats Still Available in Our October 15, 2016 Nervous Flyer Group!

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thinkstockphotos-500421028There are still a few seats available in our upcoming Nervous Flyer’s group. Now is the time if you want to learn how to cope better with your fear of flying. If you are one of those people who scans the Internet for weather and turbulence forecasts before you book your ticket, who only takes flights where alcohol is served, or who makes sure you have a sedative in your carry-on for easy reach, then you might be a nervous flyer.

People who are afraid of flying and avoid air travel struggle because they focus on the wrong things. They say “I don’t want to feel afraid” and they do what they can to make that happen by avoiding and clenching their way through difficult moments. This strategy does not work. In fact, it causes the very stress and anxiety nervous flyers say they want to avoid because they have to waste the time they would prefer to spend relaxing by remaining alert and on guard to make sure nothing scary happens!

In our Nervous Flyer program we will teach you to escape from that trap by helping you understand what is actually happening in your body and your mind. We’ll show you that those flight-related experiences that you feel so helpless in are actually no different than so many of the regular activities you do in your daily life where you feel powerful and strong. We will help you manage your fear of flying by teaching you coping tools that will have you saying “I can do this,” and allowing you to relax and enjoy your flights.