Get Over Your Fear of Flying This Spring!

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It’s travel season. Ad after ad in the newspaper show deals for flights to Europe. Flights and packages are on sale, so now is the time to get ready if you want to do some travelling this spring and summer!


Nervous Flyer Group April 16, 2016On April 16th, will be offering our Nervous Flyer program. This is a one-day, group program for people who fly but feel really anxious about it. You might be a Nervous Flyer if you use alcohol or medication to take the edge off your anxiety but still find that worry and fear take the pleasure out of flying. In the Nervous Flyer program we focus on two things: Helping you to understand what your body is doing when you feel afraid and learning how to cope more effectively so you don’t have to fear flying anymore.



Non-Flyer Group May 2016On May 14 and 15th we’ll be offering our two-day, Non-Flyer program. The Non-Flyer program is for people who either have never flown before or who stopped flying years ago because they felt too afraid. In this program we spend a full day and a half with you in the classroom teaching you how to take the fear and uncertainty out of the physical sensations you feel when you’re afraid, and we teach you a number of coping strategies that can stop the fear from even starting the next time. You’ll get to meet with an airline pilot and have all your questions answered and, at the end of the program, we’ll head out to the airport and fly together so you can get some real world practice using the coping tools you’ve learned.


Join us for the practice flight if you’ve already attended one of our programs!


If you want to fly without all the fear and worry that keeps you feeling stuck and frustrated, come take one of our programs. Now is the time. Give us a call or get in touch through our website at and let’s talk about how to help you get over your fear flying.



Get help with your Fear of Flying. Toronto.