Spring Flight Groups Now Boarding

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Do you want to travel but feel too afraid to fly? Many people do. Many solve the problem of anxiety by avoiding flying altogether, others drink alcohol or use medication to take the edge off. Others use expensive alternatives like limiting themselves to driving-only vacations and some even load their cars onto trains, shipping the car to their destination so they can drive when they get there! All those solution ideas work, but many cause their own problems — and none of them really address the fear and anxiety anyway!



Afraid to Fly is now enrolling for our April 2017 treatment groups. In both our Nervous Flyer and Non Flyer groups we teach people skills and tools that really target the fear at the heart of the flying phobia. Our groups also target the avoidance that keeps people feeling stuck and frustrated.


With a 20-year history of treating anxiety, we know what works to help people cope. Come see what our groups can do for you.