Learn to Fly Comfortably With Dr. Ian Shulman

Would you believe that most people who are afraid to fly have never had an incident on a plane? That isn’t surprising. The airline industry is so heavily regulated and controlled that accidents involving airplanes are exceedingly rare. Yet many people feel too afraid to fly and avoid travelling.

Are you afraid to fly? Don’t be. It’s a choice and you can learn to make it.

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Spring Flight Groups Now Boarding
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Do you want to travel but feel too afraid to fly? Many people do. Many solve the problem of anxiety by avoiding flying altogether, others drink alcohol or use medication to take the edge off. Others use expensive alternatives like limiting … Read More

Neither Blizzards Nor Fears Kept This Group Grounded
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The December 2016, Non Flyer group was a great success even though a blizzard meant we had to postpone our flight until January. Five people attended, all smart, brave and accomplished, but all really frustrated that they couldn’t stop themselves … Read More

“2016 Was One of the Safest Years for Air Travel”: Condé Nast
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According to Condé Nast Traveler magazine, 2016 was the safest year for air travel since people began keeping track of air travel statistics. This reassuring state, they say, is the result of enhancements in airplane technology, efforts by many nations to improve airport and … Read More

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