Learn to Fly Comfortably With Dr. Ian Shulman

Would you believe that most people who are afraid to fly have never had an incident on a plane? That isn’t surprising. The airline industry is so heavily regulated and controlled that accidents involving airplanes are exceedingly rare. Yet many people feel too afraid to fly and avoid travelling.

Are you afraid to fly? Don’t be. It’s a choice and you can learn to make it.

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Here’s how one person got over her fear of flying
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Betty’s Story People who take our Non Flyer group usually think they’re The Most: The Most scared, The Most weird, The Most likely to panic, and The Most certain to end up never getting over their fear of flying! But … Read More

Now Boarding: The Non Flyer Group – Oct 14-15, 2017
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Stop fighting yourself and learn to fly with comfort. Most people who are afraid to fly waste too much energy worrying about what might happen and don’t focus enough on what they can actually do to fly comfortably. Our Non Flyer … Read More

Dr. Ian Shulman on Breakfast Television
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Today, Dr. Ian Shulman spent some time talking about how to cope with the fear of flying with BT co-host Dina Pugliese. (Click on the image to launch the video.)

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